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Achieve Campus Efficiency

Original air date: Tuesday, July 27, 2021

During this session learn how to Achieve Campus Efficiency, where we will cover:


  • Exciting Branding Updates with BankMobile Disbursements
  • Creating an ACE Worthy Program at Your School
  • Key Reminders for Preparing for Refund Season
  • How You Can Automate Your Supplier Payments with BankMobile Disbursements Vendor Pay™
  • Tips for Processing Emergency Grants


Featuring the BankMobile Disbursements team’s very own:


  • Kati Kennedy | Senior Vice President of Client Operations | BMTX, Inc.
  • Megan Steckis | Client Success Manager | BMTX, Inc.

Emotional Intelligence Today

Original air date: Wednesday, May 19, 2021

The concepts and skills connected with emotional intelligence are very important especially during times of change, which can result in personal and professional stress issues. This session is designed to help you see the connection between important emotional intelligence skills.

During this session, we will touch on the following objectives:


  • Define the skills connected with emotional intelligence, which include empathy, assertiveness, emotional self-awareness, and stress tolerance.
  • Discuss how it’s important to appreciate when these skills are operating either too high or low and what you need to do to bring them back into balance.
  • Focus on ways to keep these skills strong and effective.


This session features:


  • John J. Hughes | President & EQ-I Executive Coach | E.I. Assessments, LLC.
  • Lisa Koniuto | AVP, Account Executive | BMTX, Inc.

All About BankMobile Disbursements Vendor Pay™

Original air date: Wednesday, March, 31, 2021

During this session, we discuss how you can:


  • Automate your supplier payments
  • Stop producing paper checks
  • Enjoy a revenue stream back to your department


The session features:


  • Ray Parris | Vice President of Partner Sales | BMTX, Inc.
  • Adam Olson | Director, Corporate Strategy & Business Development | PayClearly
  • John Jamieson | SVP, Sales & Marketing | PayClearly

The Race For Security: Protect Yourself In The Age Of Digital Transformation

Original air date: Wednesday, February 3, 2021

During this session, we:


  • Review the 2020 threat landscape, trends, and events
  • Look ahead at 2021 predictions
  • Discuss ways end users can protect themselves in the age of digital transformation and “work from anywhere”


This session features*:


  • Krista E. Arndt | Deputy CISO | Customers Bank
  • Moderated by John Bado | AVP, Account Executive | BMTX, Inc.

*Please note that Krista E. Arndt is a representative from our bank partner, Customers Bank, and not an employee of BMTX, Inc.

Student Financial Wellness With Prudential Financial Inc.

Original air date: Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Many students have “returned” to school in a way that does not look like it did a year ago. Some may be working from home with children while others may be struggling financially. During this unusual time in our history, it’s more important than ever for students (and administrators!) to take care of themselves, including their financial wellness.


Learn how we and Prudential Financial Inc. have teamed up to provide account holders with tools to check-in on their financial health including:


  • A financial wellness assessment to explore how students are spending, planning and protecting their money
  • Tips on how to gain peace-of-mind with saving and spending
  • A customized financial wellness journey map based on each student’s unique financial situation


This session features:


  • Nancy Gathers: Director | Market Development | Affinity Relationship Prudential Financial Inc.
  • Moderated by Zach Griffey | Account Executive | BankMobile

The financial wellness platform is provided by Prudential, a third party. We are not responsible for Prudential’s services, website content, security, or privacy policies.

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