Improved Refund Selection with Single Sign On

The Single Sign On feature allows our students to make preference selections within the college’s student portal. It is a seamless integration which has greatly reduced calls to our administrative office!


With the implementation of our Single Sign On feature, we streamline the refund selection process so your students can set their refund preference in fewer steps.

Benefits for your institution:

  • Streamline the refund selection process by keeping this service inside your student portal
  • Drastically reduce paper check disbursements with more students making faster selections
  • By no longer requiring a Personal Code or Shared Secret, we can reduce calls to administrators with questions around missing codes or problems with shared secret

Benefits for your students:

  • Students experience an easier experience to make their refund selection preference which provides quicker access to funds
  • With no personal code or shared secret required, the process is easier to understand and students are less likely to have difficulties accessing refund selection
  • Eliminating multiple websites creates a more seamless selection process for the student

Customized Educational Materials:
You can offer a customized experience to your students based on the needs of your institution through videos, educational materials and more.