Your money, made easy!

You may pick up your Financial Aid credit balance in the form of a paper check at the locations indicated below. However, you may alternatively click on the button below to set up your refund delivery preference, in which case you will receive this refund and future refunds in accordance with your preference. You may change your refund delivery preference at any time.

If you do prefer to pick up a paper check for a federal Financial Aid (Title IV) credit balance, you may do so at the following Houston Community College locations:

Central College
Central Campus
Student Financial Services
1300 Holman Street
Houston, TX 77004

Northeast College
Northline Campus
Student Financial Services
8001 Fulton Street
Houston, TX 77022

Southeast College
Eastside Campus
Student Financial Services
6815 Rustic Drive
Houston, TX 77087

HCC Coleman College for Health Sciences
Student Financial Services
1900 Pressler Street
Houston, TX 77030

Northwest College
Katy Campus
Student Financial Services
1550 Foxlake Drive
Houston, TX 77084

Southwest College
West Loop Campus
Student Financial Services
5601 West Loop South
Houston, TX 77081