Your money, made easy!

You may request your Financial Aid credit balance in the form of a paper check at the locations indicated below. However, you may alternatively click on the button below to set up your refund delivery preference, in which case you will receive this refund and future refunds in accordance with your preference. You may change your refund delivery preference at any time.

If you haven’t made your refund preference selection, log in to to get started! Once logged in, tap the Financial Aid tile. Select My FA Disbursements from the menu, and then BankMobile–First Time Setup to choose your disbursement method.

If you do prefer to pick up a paper check for a Federal Financial Aid (Title IV) credit balance, please visit the following offices:

Contra Costa College
Office of Financial Assistance
Student Services Center, Room 102
Hours: See website for details
Phone: 510-215-6026

Diablo Valley College
Financial Aid Office
Student Services Center, Room 107
Hours: See website for details
Phone: 925-969-2009

Los Medanos College
Office of Financial Aid
Student Services Center, Room 309
Hours: See website for details
Phone: 925-473-7525