Campus ID

Combining convenience and security, Campus ID is a turnkey identification solution that helps your campus reduce costs and operational burdens.

Benefits for your institution:

  • Increased awareness of your school’s program and brand
  • A card that not only provides an ID solution, but also includes the comprehensive Refund Management® service
  • Introduces an added level of security to your campus
  • Priority access to an administrative help desk to support institution staff members with daily card operations
  • Marketing support and tools to educate the campus community
  • Dedicated project manager to lead your institution through a smooth implementation
  • Reserved card design space to accommodate on-campus access/security measures (e.g., scannable barcode for use at a campus library)
  • Dual mag option easily integrates with campus systems, creating cross-campus functionality in a single card

Benefits for your students:

  • A card that lets students show their school pride and take advantage of student ID discounts from retailers
  • An easy way to support everyday campus life and manage refunds from the institution
  • With a simple “flash and show” students can easily access student-only events and programs on campus
  • Access to the BankMobile Vibe Cheking Account, a digital-only, FDIC-insured checking account designed specifically for students
  • Only need one card to manage their meal plan, building access and managing their financial aid refunds

For more information, see the BankMobile Vibe Checking Account Fee Schedule and Interest Rate Information and and Account Terms and Conditions.

How does it work?

Your institution collects a JPEG image for each student, faculty, and staff member—anyone that should receive an ID. Then, you send us two files:

  • A demographic file (updated with the JPEG image name), which includes data for all students, faculty and staff who will receive a card
  • A file which includes all of the JPEGs with a key identifier that ties the image with the name on the card file

What if I don’t have pictures?

We can simply use a stock image instead and add pictures as you get them. If necessary, we can refer your campus to a photo ID service.

How much time will this take?

The demographic file only needs to be updated to include the JPEG image name.  Resources will need to be allocated to collect the images if they do not exist today, and a file will need to be built to send the images to us.

Will this integrate with my current campus systems? (e.g., swipe access control, meal plan, etc.)

With the dual mag stripe option, we can work with your existing campus systems.