About BankMobile Disbursements

About Us

BankMobile Disbursements provides BankMobile Refund Management®, an industry-leading service that processes and disburses financial aid credit balances to students on behalf of college and university administrations and offers an optional checking account for students.

Meet Your Team

With decades of combined experience in delivering this solution to approximately 2 million college students at nearly 800 campuses, our Disbursements Management leads a team of more than 200 dedicated experts on Refund Management.

Robert Diegel, Chief Operating Officer
Robert Diegel

Chief Operating Officer

Andrew Crawford, Chief Commercial Officer
Andrew Crawford

Chief Commercial Officer

Kati Kennedy, Senior Vice President, Client Operations
Kati Kennedy

Senior Vice President, Client Operations

Randy Hawkins, Vice President, Relationship Management
Randy Hawkins

Vice President, Relationship Management

Ben Borden, Vice President, Regional Sales
Ben Borden

Vice President, Regional Sales

Jack DeBaar, Vice President, Regional Sales
Jack DeBaar

Vice President, Sales

Ray Parris, Vice President, Sales
Ray Parris

Vice President, Sales

The BankMobile Disbursements Team is looking forward to seeing you throughout the year!
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About Us

BankMobile offers a mobile-first digital banking experience through its full-service checking account. With a mission of making banking more accessible and affordable to all, BankMobile leverages its proprietary technologies to financially empower millennials, students and others. BankMobile is a division of Customers Bank, a full-service commercial bank that is FDIC-insured and is regulated by the Federal Reserve. Learn more about BankMobile’s management and mission here.